Gameplay Updates

There are a ton of new weapons, enemies, and features that I’ve recently implemented. Here is a small sample of some of the new stuff. This is the Repel Bubble equipment; it will repel projectiles away from the player if they are close enough.

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Updated Tank Model

Here are some images of the new tank model, courtesy of VisionVortex.

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Title Screen Update

I’ve been doing quite a bit of work on the UI for TankShot, here is an example. This is the current incarnation of the title screen.

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Doors that Require Keys

This is an example of a door that has been blocked by an obstacle that requires a key to get through. The color of the door corresponds to the key needed to open it.

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Just a taste of what the keys look like in their current state. The model is destined to change at some point, probably being replaced by a keycard, circuitboard, or something similar. Different colored keys open different colored doors.

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More Unity 5 Gameplay

Here is another gameplay example. The level graphics, inventory graphics, as well as some of the weapon mechanics have been changed. I also re-integrated keys, a rough minimap, and ai turrets. More posts to come this weekend.

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Unity 5

Here is an example of what the game looks like at this point in the move from Unity 4 to 5.

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Tank Design

VisionVortex is currently developing models for use in the game. Here is a sneak peek of what one of the tanks will look like.

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Level Generation

Here’s an example of some level generation in the Unity editor. I’m using Unity Editor Gizmos to draw the representation of the level out. The green square represents the start point, and the red square represents the boss room. The lines represent the paths through the level, and white dots mark the main path through the level from the start to the boss room. There are also some rectangles along the paths that represent locked doors.

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TankShot DevBlog is Up!

The tankshot devblog is up and running! Here’s a little taste of what the game looks like at this point. I’m still working on the randomization process for generating levels, but I think things are coming along nicely. I’m using Fraps to capture video from the game on an older system in this, which is why there are hiccups in the framerate. This will be resolved as soon as I have my new development rig completely set up, which is also in progress.

Please note that the game is currently using developmental assets either obtained from the Unity asset store, or created by me. Most of the current assets in the game (tank models and textures, level models and textures, etc.) will be switched out for custom designed models and textures when they are ready.

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