Title Music & Conveyor Belts

Recently been working with Kirk Markarian to come up with some new music for TankShot Commandos. Additionally, I just integrated a new conveyor belt model from Richard Schmidbauer, as well as some new cactus models and rocks for desert levels.

I’m still working on random item generation, but getting close to having a working networked prototype for getting random items from a crate with randomized damage, energy cost, color, and other attributes.

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Tank Chassis

Finally, all four chassis are integrated into the game. Each chassis has its own stats for health, energy, movement speed, drift, etc. In addition, I’ve added more aesthetic doodads to the game and changed the territory point model, some of which can be seen here. I will be adding even more variety to the levels next, as well as focusing on improving the look and feel of the game. After that I will be working on random weapon generation. More to come soon.

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Code Refactoring

After testing with a group of 6 people a couple weeks ago, I have been fixing various bugs and refactoring some of the networking code for the game. Lots to do still, but progress is being made. New tank models coming soon as well!

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Territories Update

After lots of late nights over the last week, I have a working version of a traditional Territories VS game mode. Hopefully I will get to test some of these new game modes this weekend with some friends.

The next items on my list will be the networking and database systems in the game that need a decent amount of work.

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Capture the Flag Update

I know it’s been forever since my last post, but I’m still working hard on this game and I wanted to share some of my progress. I just finished integrating the framework for a VS mode in the game (as well as a wave defense mode), and added two VS game types; Capture the Flag, and Team Deathmatch. The above gif shows the flags being picked up and captured. I have also started balancing the weapons in the game after a recent test with a small group of people. Many fixes and adjustments are coming, and I plan on adding a few more game types in the coming weeks. New tank models are also on the way from Richard, with more to come soon.

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Level Checkpoints

I’ve recently added checkpoints spaced out between the rooms of the level. This allows players to move around more quickly during the later parts of the level when they are trying to complete objectives before fighting a boss.

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New Environment Integrated

This gif showcases the new updates to the procedurally generated environment. @visionvortex created the models and textures for the walls.

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More Gameplay From a New Build

This is more gameplay footage from TankShot Commandos. Currently I’m working on cleaning up the project repository, upgrading models and graphics, and adding the player classes. In addition, the player inventory now stores items on the server and pulls them down, allowing the player to choose what weapons to use when they get in the game.

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This is the MIRV rocket. It’s an equipment item that goes up in the air over where the player clicks, and then splits into multiple rockets that rain down simultaneously.

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Plasma Shot

This is the plasma shot, it moves at high speed, and does large amounts of damage, but takes a long time to recharge in between shots.

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